Overview of Psychiatric Disorders


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Table of Contents

Overview of Psychiatric Disorders

Overview of Clinical Context of Spontaneous Reports

Suicide: A Multi-Factorial Event - Adult

Incidence of Suicide

Suicide: Clinical Features

Profile of the Suicides in the Accutane Medwatch Reports

Definitional Issues - Suicidal Behavior

Overview of Suicidal Behavior

Depression: Epidemiology

Depression: The Illness Versus Depressive Symptoms - (The Blues)

The Issue of Medications and “Depression”

Adolescent Depression - Clinical Features

Why Adolescent Depression Is Undiagnosed

Adolescent Depression - Relationship to Stressful Events

Suicide Rates for All Persons and Persons Aged 15 to 24, U.S., 1900-1995

Suicide: A Multi-Factorial Event - Adolescent

No Apparent Psychopathology

Clinical Analysis of Spontaneous Reports

Questions Addressed

Categories of Suicides in Medwatch Reports

Suicide: On/Off Accutane

Case Example: Relationship to Accutane

“Depression” Occurring While On Accutane

Case Example – Concealment of Symptoms

Prior Psychiatric History Related to On/Off Accutane

Reports With Prior Psychiatric History That Represent “Controls”

Case Example – No Apparent Psychopathology

Case of Murder-Suicide

Case Example – Substance Abuse/Impulsive Behavior

Summary of Clinical Analysis

Author: RLI