Food and Drug Administration
Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee

July 13, 2000


Pharmacy Compounding Update, Lana Ogram, FDA   ppt   htm

Withdrawn or Removed Drug Products, Capt. George R. Scott, MS, RPh, FDA   ppt   htm

Demonstrably Difficult to Compound Drug Products, Kathleen Anderson, Pharm.D., FDA   ppt   htm

Difficulties Associated with Compounding Metered_Dose Inhalers and Dry Powder Inhalers, Brian Rogers, PhD, FDA   ppt   htm

Difficulties for Compounding Because of Reasons of Safety or Effectiveness of the Drug Product Transdermal Drug Delivery System, Vinod P Shah, PhD, FDA   ppt   htm

Transdermal Drug Delivery System, Amit K Mitra, PhD, FDA   ppt   htm