JULY 25, 2000


"Role of Pharmacokinetic Data in the Evaluation of Alternative Antiretroviral Dosing Regimens," Heidi Jolson, M.D., M.P.H, Division Director, DAVDP ppt htm

"Clinical Pharmacology Overview from the Antiviral Perspective," Kellie Schoolar Reynolds, Pharm.D., Pharmacokinetics Team Leader, OCPB ppt htm

"Anti-infective Perspective,"Alex Rakowsky, M.D., Medical Officer, DAIDP ppt htm

"Antiretroviral PK/PD Overview,"  Richard Hoetelmans, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Slotervaart Hospital Dept. of Pharmacy & Pharmacology Amsterdam, The Netherlands ppt htm

"Future Considerations for PK/PD Research,"   Terrence F. Blaschke, MD, Professor of Medicine and molecular Pharmacology, Stanford University ppt htm

Charge to the Committee, Kimberly Struble, Pharm.D., Regulatory Review Officer, DAVDP ppt htm