Food and Drug Administration

Nonclinical Studies Subcommittee of the


March 9, 2000


FDA Objectives, James T. MacGregor   ppt   htm

Biomarkers, Introduction & Recommendations for Biomarkers Projects, Frank Sistare, PhD  ppt htm

NIH Research Activities, Gregory Downing, PhD, NIH   ppt   htm

Accessible Toxicity Biomarker Morning Presentations, Malcolm York, M.Phil.   ppt   htm

Proteomics and Safety Biomarker Discover, Gordon Holt, PhD, Oxford GlycoSciences ppt   htm   pdf

Pharmaceutical Proteomics, Leigh Anderson, PhD, Large Scale Proteomics Corp.   ppt   htm

TaqMan Gene Expression Arrays for Accurate Quantification of Toxicity Targets, Federico Goodsaid, PhD, PCR R&D   ppt   htm   pdf

Micro-PET: Experiences with Small Animal Imaging, Simon Cherry, PhD, Crump Institute, UCLA ppt  htm   pdf

National Cancer Institute, Biomedical Imaging Program, James Tatum, MD   pdf

Proposal to Form Expert Working Group on Imaging, Science Issues, Jerry Collins, MD ppt  htm

Open Public Hearing

Identification of Surrogate Markers for Predicting Drug Responses, H. Ralph Snodgrass Ph.D., VistaGen Inc. ppt   htm

Presentation by Greg Jones   ppt   htm