June 15, 2000

Briefing Information

Summary of PHS Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability Meeting, April 25-26, 2000, Stephen Nightingale, MD

Summary of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Advisory Committee Meeting, June 1-2, 2000, David Asher, MD

  1. Plasma Pool Screening by Nucleic Acid Tests for Hepatitis A Virus

Introduction and Background - Robin Biswas, MD, Medical Officer, Division of Emerging Transfusion Transmitted Diseases

Review of the History of Hepatitis A Transmitted by Transfusion, Mahmood Farshid, PhD, Regulatory Scientist, Division of Hematology

Virus Transmission by Blood Products: Detection of Infectious Hepatitis A Virus in Factor VIII Concentrates by Experimental Infection of Tamarins, Michael Chudy; Paul-Ehrlich-Institute; Langen (Germany)

Questions for the Committee

II. Development of Rapid HIV Tests

Background and Introduction, Kimber Lee Poffenberger, PhD, Biologist, Laboratory of Molecular Virology, DETTD, OBRR

Prevention of Perinatal HIV Transmission: Expedited HIV Testing for Pregnant Women in the Labor, Delivery & Neonatal Setting, Nancy A Wade, MD, MPH, New York State, Department of Health

HIV Rapid Testing: Challenges to Public Health, Bernard M Branson, MD, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Open Public Hearing

Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Test Kit, Scott Dennis, Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Bio-Rad Labs

Medmira Rapid HIV Test, Debra Lynch, Med/Mira

QuixÔ HIV-1 (M&O) and HIV-2 Rapid Blood, Test, Afzal Chowdhury, PhD, Guardian Scientific Inc.