XEN 111


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XEN 111

Retroviral Infection by C-type Retroviruses

Testing for PERV Infective States

Circulating pig cells:(microchimerism): PERV DNA Test +

Potential Outcomes for PERV DNA PCR Assay

PERV PCR +: Pig cells or infection?

Infection vs Infection in the presence of pig cells?

PCR for PERV DNA sequence in PBMC

Microchimerism Assay

Western Blot Assay

Other Assays

Primary Aim of the Study

Secondary Aims of the Study

Patient Demographics

Clinical Results

Clinical Results (2)

Results of RT-PCR on Serum (RNA)- [search for active infection]

Results of PERV DNA PCR [Latent infection]

PPT Slide

Results - Antibodies

Results - Antibodies (2)

Additional Serological Analysis


Author: Paradis

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