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01N-0256: Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Population, Including Pediatric Patients
Item Code No. Received Date Submitter Signature FR Date FR Page PDF ID
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Text ID
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EC 219 01/10/02 Community Hospital Pain Management Center Mrs Lorraine Widdal             htm
EC 218 01/10/02 Pinnacle Health Hospice Mrs Rochelle Schell               htm
EC 217 01/08/02 Community Health Services Susan Nelson              htm
EC 216 01/06/02 Ms Kim Jencik Ms Kim Jencik             htm
EC 215 01/04/02 Individual Mrs Melissa Jane (Janie) Cole              htm
EC 214 12/29/01 Mrs Eileen Rothberg Mrs Eileen Rothberg              htm
C 323 01/04/02 Stu Cohen Stu Cohen        pdf           
EC 213 12/23/01 Mrs Alison Morano Mrs Alison Morano              htm
EMC 193 12/20/01 Kent Kent                txt
EC 212 12/19/01 Mrs Jennifer Gamble Mrs Jennifer Gamble              htm
EC 211 12/19/01 Marian Noe Marian Noe               htm
EC 210 12/17/01 Pain Center of Southern Indiana Dr Michael Whitworth                htm
EC 209 12/17/01 James Signorile James Signile             htm
EC 208 12/13/01 Mrs Denise Steiner Mrs Denise Steiner              htm
EMC 192 12/11/01 Dan Pearce Dan Pearce               txt
EC 207 12/12/01 Richard Jones Richard Jones                htm
EC 206 12/11/01 Neuropathy Association Ryan LePage               htm
EC 205 12/05/01 PA Dept. of Health, Health Facility Quality Examine Dorothe Steffler           htm
EC 204 12/05/01 Chronic Pain Patient Jay Steffler              htm
EC 203 12/04/01 Lori Davis Lori Davis             htm

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