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01N-0256: Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Population, Including Pediatric Patients
Item Code No. Received Date Submitter Signature FR Date FR Page PDF ID
(Size KB)
Text ID
(Size KB)
EC 202 12/04/01 self Ellen Lee             htm
EC 201 11/23/01 n/a Christy Lane               htm
EC 200 11/15/01 Endometriosis Research Center Health Guidone              htm
EC 199 11/15/01 Home  Kristy Sokoloski             htm
C 322 11/20/01 Patrick Mcgrath Jr Patrick Mcgrath Jr       pdf            
C 321 10/02/01 Pain Consultants of Hio Inc Glenda Dahlquist MD        pdf        
C 320 10/02/01 National Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign Sharon Squires RN        pdf        
C 319 10/02/01 Richard Ziegler Richard Ziegler        pdf          
C 318 10/02/01 Gary L Bradford Gary L Bradford          pdf        
C 317 10/02/01 Cherry Way Orthopaedics PC Mark R Foster PhD MD        pdf        
C 316 10/02/01 Rita B Girard Rita B Girard         pdf   
EMC 191 09/13/01 Judy Stover Judy Stover                txt
C 315 09/26/01 College on Problems of Drug Dependence Inc Dorothy Hatsukami PhD        pdf       
C 314 09/26/01 Kevin Gillespie Kevin Gillespie         pdf        
C 313 09/26/01 Rapid City Medical Center LLP Brett D Lawlow MD         pdf        
C 312 09/26/01 Joseph Zolot MD Joseph Zolot MD          pdf         
C 311 09/26/01 Michelle Petrilli Esq Michelle Petrilli Esq         pdf       
C 310 09/26/01 Riverside Regional Medical Center Elizabeth Sheehan Casey         pdf        
C 309 09/26/01 Chatsworth Maureen A Carling RN         pdf      
C 308 09/26/01 Sheena Hath Sheena Hath        pdf      

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