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01N-0256: Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Population, Including Pediatric Patients
Item Code No. Received Date Submitter Signature FR Date FR Page PDF ID
(Size KB)
Text ID
(Size KB)
C 325 03/01/02 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association of American Jim Broatch       Part 1 pdf

Part 2  pdf

Part 3  pdf

Part 4 pdf

C 324 01/14/02 Stone Mountain Health Services  Art Van Zee MD         pdf   
EC 234 02/24/02 Lupus and Fibromyalgia sufferer Kris Joy           htm
EC 233 02/20/02 none Juliette Beland             htm
EMC 194 01/29/02 Sherry Adkins Sherry Adkins             txt
EC 232 02/11/02 care giver for wife Edward Mcleod            htm
EC 231 02/10/02 Cheri Stine Cheri Stine               htm
EC 230 02/05/02 Meredith Loy Meredith Loy              htm
EC 229 02/04/02 Jack Segler Jack Segler             htm
EC 228 01/30/02 AS Life Support Groups Robbie Peddycoat                  htm
EC 227 01/27/02 Mrs Amber Churchman Mrs Amber Churchman              htm 
EC 226 01/27/02 none Katherine Barnet             htm
EC 225 01/23/02 Bob Sadler Bob Sadler               htm
EC 224 01/23/02 Ann Ott Ann Ott              htm
EC 223 01/21/02 none John Phillippe x x        htm
EC 222 01/19/02 Sheryl Robinson Sheryl Robinson               htm
EC 221 01/17/02 Enhanced Marketing Ltd Ronald Vignone              htm
EC 220 01/14/02 Platinum Precision Software Inc Mrs Mary Winfield              htm

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