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Docket: 01N-0256 - Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Populations, Including Pediatric Patients
Comment Number: EC -232

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Commentor Mr. Edward Mcleod Date/Time 2002-02-10 21:34:29
Organization care giver for wife
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments Edward M. Mcleod 3016 Valerie Blvd Sebring, Fl 33870 February 10th 2002 Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Edward Mcleod. My wife Cynthia for the last two years has had spondylolisthesis grade 1 or 2. With this condition comes: severe disc degeneration and narrowing at the L5-S1 with chronic severe up down foramina stenosis bilaterally. She also has a bulging disc, which puts even more pressure to the spinal cord. In addition to this she has a mild scoliosis with a convex to the left. All of the above cause muscle spasms and nerve pain. The pain has been relieved only at this point by oxycontin. My wife can only get up for a few minutes and then that is it she has to go back to bed. Some of the providers that she has undergone have been: Nerve root and Facet blocks, the IDET procedure, and PT. None of the procedures relieved the pain enough for Cindy to have a decent quality of life. We have an eight year old together and she loves her mom. Since the operation she has not been able to do anything without the medication and then only limited things with the mediation. Since having the operation, Cindy has had a lot of the pain come back. She is still on the oxycontin but at a lower dose. She is still undergoing PT and will possibly go for some other operations but now she has to wait for the bone grafts to work. Now I read that in addition to worrying about her being able to go on social security for the next couple of years, you might be taking away the only thing that equips her to go out in the day and do things as simple as getting her hair cut. Her medical condition is documented and I would be happy to provide the records to you. Without these medications her life would be a living hell. Our hopes are that in a couple of years she will improve and she will be able to go back to work part time. The oxycontin allows her to do her PT to get ready for this. Also the Oxycontin does not give a high for her. It just provides a steady stream of narcotic analgesic so that Cindy can have some relief. Finally I’d like to leave you with this thought. Apparently you at FDA are considering getting involved with my wife’s doctor and her in her treatment. You’re doing it for this reason. Criminals are getting the drug illegally and taking these medications to get high. My wife is taking these medications to block out otherwise intractable pain, to get through to another day when adequate non-narcotic relief is available. It would be wrong for you to “protect” irresponsible law breakers from themselves by adding pain to my wife. She did not do anything to get this disease, she has worked hard all of her life. As matter of fact the reason that Cindy knows that this is an appropriate method of treating this is that Cindy is a Pharmacist. If there were someone that would be worried about the stigma of being on these narcotics it would be Cynthia. Cindy can’t get a job doing pharmacy since she is on narcotics, but she is in so much pain now that she can’t even leave the house for more than a couple hours a day anyway. Finally, please keep in mind of those that are deserving of proper analgesia and do not give into the hype of a bunch of people that won’t take personal responsibility to stay away from drugs they should not be taking. Thanks for your time, Sincerely, Edward M. Mcleod for Cynthia Mcleod Rph

EC -232