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Docket: 01N-0256 - Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Populations, Including Pediatric Patients
Comment Number: EC -228

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Commentor Mr. Robbie Peddycoart Date/Time 2002-01-29 08:49:05
Organization AS Life Support Groups
Category Consumer Group

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments 01/29/02 To the Food and Drug Administration, This is regarding the ongoing Food and Drug Administration debates on the continued approved use of opiod narcotic therapies for chronic pain patients, not experiencing End of Life Care: The very thought of the FDA prohibiting opioid pain management for people like me, who have a long life, but one full of agonizing pain ahead of them; well, it absolutely terrifies me. Before I got on my current pain regimen, I had all but given up on life. I was unable to take care of myself, suffered from major depression, and was contemplating ending a rather unacceptable quality of life. Having starting opioid pain management, I can honestly say that it has literally saved my life. The idea that the very thing which saved my life may be removed chills me to the bone. For me, and many others like me hearing that the very life-saving medications we take may soon be taken away doesn’t just give us pause; it absolutely terrifies us. It terrifies us because we may one day be thrown back into a state of perpetual pain and agony, just because of media hype and a outmoded Puritanical approach to pain management. The current hoopla surrounding pain management is not based on empirical data and research, but rather based on a loosely cobbled together collection of social mores, and anxieties fueled my a ratings-grabbing media. I would like to remind the FDA that in times past End of Life Care was not considered “moral” either, and that a look into the FDA’s own archives will show statements that attest to that. Statements that contain the phrases “noble suffering” and “good for the soul”. People in agony from cancer and the like were left in agony, for “their own good”. I suffer incredible pain without opiods, and I can tell you there’s nothing “noble” about it. Suffering chronic pain without pain management drugs is a living death sentence, without reprieve. I urge the people involved to please, please look at this issue with compassion, and empathy before making a decision. I ask them to please try to see the issue clearly, without the hysterical rhetoric of the media outlets influencing them. I ask them to consider facts, and not hype and hysteria. I ask them to pursue the truth, and to seek to help as many people as they can live a better life, or even one at all. I ask them not to take away our last hopes. I ask them to consider that in all probability someone they know will be affected by pain, and need pain management. I ask them to consider how they would feel if their mother, partner, or children were suffering, and they were told that although there are drugs that would relieve that suffering, “we cannot use them anymore”. I ask that they consider very, very carefully, before making a decision that will affect tens of thousands of lives. Thank you, Robbie D. Peddycoart Owner and Moderator of AS Life Support Groups

EC -228