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Docket: 01N-0256 - Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Populations, Including Pediatric Patients
Comment Number: EC -226

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Commentor Ms. Katherine Barnett Date/Time 2002-01-26 17:09:06
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I am a registered nurse. I lost my job bue to the complications of back surgery in 1992, namely paralysis and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I do not expect others to know what it is like to experience the kind of pain I have every waking minute of every day. I just want to know that I don't have to worry about being able to obtain opioid pain medication in the future. I have taken narcotics for the past 11 years, making it possible for me to continue my role as wife and mother and to volunteer in my community. My orthopedic doctor writes my pain prescriptions and states that doctors are very concerned regarding the Pain Relief Promotion Act legislation. They believe the intent is to discourage the use of controlled substances for pain management. If necessary, doctors will stop writing presciptions for the 1 to 2% of their patients that need narcotics in order to protect their medical license. I am very frightened that this law could adversly affect my quality of life, in spite of the fact that I fullfil my side of a contract, that I get the same number of pills each month, go to the same pharmacy and do not ask for additional medication before time to reorder. I do not understand Attorney General, John Ashcroft's memo to the DEA regarding controlled substances in physician-assisted suicide in Oregon. It's as if he doesn't believe that the residents of Oregon should be allowed to pass State legislation. I believe his memo is intended to intimidate and terrorize patients all over the United States, people like me that have chronic pain. I do not want the federal government using the Attorney General's memo as a pretext or incentive to rachet up their questioning of legal users of these medications. I want the Attorney General to look at research that clearly shows that pain in America is vastly undertreated. Respectfully, Katherine Barnett R.N.

EC -226