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Docket: 01N-0256 - Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Populations, Including Pediatric Patients
Comment Number: EC -224

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Commentor Ms. Ann Ott Date/Time 2002-01-22 01:33:51
Organization Ms. Ann Ott
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments It is my understanding that as a citizen of the USA, I am entitled to certain rights. I am referring to the unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence; 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'. As a long time chronic pain patient, I can tell you that without my narcotic pain medication, I would have none of these rights. To be more specific: The 'pursuit of happiness'...without narcotic medication therapy, I would not have the ability to pursue getting out of bed let alone happiness. 'Liberty'...without narcotic medication therapy, I would not be able to exercise my 'freedom of speech' to sit here and write this. 'Life'...without narcotic medication therapy, I would have no life at all, nor would I want the so called life I had without medication. It has been well documented that opiate analgesics have overwhelming benefits to pain management and I can tell you from experience that without them I'd be dead. A person can not tolerate chronic pain without medication for very long and my pain condition is not curable, not lethal, and not likly to go away. There are many people just like myself, with chronic non-malignant pain who depend on medications to live. You would not consider for one second if a diabetic needed insulin, or a heart patient needed certain medications to live. For those of us in chronic pain it is the exact same thing, we cannot survive without medication. The law enforcement agencies who are concerned with the problems some of these drugs are causing have every right to be concerned. I do not however think that they should be taken off the market because of these problems. Addicts will just find other drugs to abuse and innocent people will suffer dearly. So for myself and many others in pain, I ask that you understand the great advantages of these medications for non-malignant pain. I ask that you not only keep them on the market but make sure that doctors are freely able to prescribe them for the properly screened patients who need them. And I ask that you maintain my rights to Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness by assuring that I have reasonable access to the medications I need. Thank you very much for your consideration & time. Sincerely, Ann Ott Chronic non-malignant pain patient

EC -224