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Docket: 01N-0256 - Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Populations, Including Pediatric Patients
Comment Number: EC -216

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Commentor Ms. kim jencik Date/Time 2002-01-05 14:21:52
Organization Ms. kim jencik
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1. General Comments In late 1998 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, after a van pulled out in front of the car I was in. I have been to chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, nuerologist, and several other doctors in attempts to help me relieve the pain I suffer daily from my two herniated disks in my low back. Often the extreme pain I endure has disrupted my work, and school. I have been taking college classes less often because I could not spend more than an hour sitting in the same place. At times I have been in so much pain that I don't want to get out of bed, and it has stayed with me every day since the accident. A few months ago my doctor prescribed me Oxycontin. I take it as perscribed, do not drink alcohol. This medication made me happy to be living again, because I did not feel the constant stabbing pain in my low back. I have heard some media outlets reporting on this drug and critizing it. I wanted to let you how much this medication helps me. The one thing that bothers me is the price, when I am prescribed my monthly dosage it can cost as much as $200.00. I feel that a generic form of the medication is needed as soon as possible. Why should prescription companies profit so greatly, from the injured or disabled people who need this to live a normal life. I also am concerned about the strict laws with this medication. I feel if a doctor wished to prescribe refills they should be allowed. These patients suffer enough scrutiniztion from insurance companies about their doctor bills and prescription costs. My insurance from my job won't even pay for my birth control. But my pharmacist says these companies pay for viagra. This sounds like discrimination from Allianz (my insurer) and I know several others as well. Please take these factors into consideration when you are represting the public. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kim Jencik

EC -216