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Docket: 01N-0256 - Use of Opiate Analgesics in Various Patient Populations, Including Pediatric Patients
Comment Number: EC -203

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Commentor Ms. LORI DAVIS Date/Time 2001-12-03 17:27:46
Organization Ms. LORI DAVIS
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I hope that I can speak for everyone that has a chronic pain condition. I have had reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome in my upper right extremity and lower left extremity since 4-21-99. I spraigned my wrist at work and it turned into RSDS , and it is presently spreading. Since I was first diagnosed I have been through several so called doctors, who had never heard of RSDS, and thought that it was all in my head. Thank God, I found a doctor. who had enough education to diagnose, and treat my RSDS with the proper opiods and other medications. It is my experience as a chronic pain patient that if opiods are given to a patient in a responsible, controlled, and monitored setting, that they are an incomparable tool for the treatment of intractable pain. I take a half dose of Talacen myself three times a day, it takes the edge off my pain without a feelinhg of euphoria, frankly i don't know if I could live with the pain that I would endure without my Talacen. Please do not let a few abusers spoil the lives of persons who endure intractible pain on a daily basis. People in pain have the right to the proper treatment, which includes easing of their pain.

EC -203