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Tips for Health Care Providers and Employers

Tips for Health Care Providers and Employers

Tips for Health Care Providers

Health care providers should advise their patients on the safe disposal of needles and other sharps. The following information should help health care providers counsel their patients about safe sharps disposal:

Sharps disposal container mounted in a restroom between two towel dispensers

Tips for Employers and Businesses

The risk of needle sticks, cuts and punctures from needles and other sharps is high in facilities such as airports, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. In these places, people are more likely to throw their used needles and sharps into the trash.

Employers and businesses should consider providing sharps disposal containers in restrooms or other designated areas and make employees and guests aware of the location of the containers. Businesses with sharps disposal containers in their restrooms may need to register with their state and/or local authorities as a "sharps collection station" because they may be considered “waste generators." Contact your state and/or local authorities for legal requirements that apply to the waste generated on their premises.