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  1. Medical Device Epidemiology Network Initiative (MDEpiNet)

MDEpiNet Public-Private Partnership

Accomplishing MDEpiNet’s mission will require resources, skills, and expertise from a variety of partners, and we encourage participation from all stakeholders, including other government agencies, academia, health care industry organizations, and patient and consumer groups.

Ultimately, as an established Public-Private Partnership, MDEpiNet will support an open, transparent space for addressing issues that apply equally to a range of regulated medical devices. Development of new analysis models and fuller understanding of devices in this collaborative environment will promote innovation of medical devices while maintaining competitive interests.

Participation in MDEpiNet will serve to strengthen scientific relationships among all stakeholder groups.

MDEpiNet will collaboratively provide tools including:

  • Study design for distributed network based research collaboration;
  • Advanced analytical overall methods such as multilevel analyses (hospital, surgeon, patient);
  • Advanced analytical methods for confounding adjustment – propensity scores, instrumental variables;
  • Cross design syntheses and Bayesian methods; and
  • Tools to help in strengthening relationships and stakeholder development.

Partnership Expectations

MDEpiNet partners are expected to actively participate on committees, shape the overall scientific direction of the partnership and work on specific projects. It is every partner’s responsibility to help assure the wise use of resources toward public health goals.