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  1. Exporting Medical Devices

Exporting Legally Marketed Devices


Any medical device that is legally in commercial distribution in the U.S. may be exported anywhere in the world without prior Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notification or approval. For a device to be legally in commercial distribution in the U.S., the following requirements must be met:

In addition, the U.S. exporter must comply with the laws of each importing country.

Certificate to Foreign Government

While FDA does not restrict the export of legally marketed devices, certain importing countries may require written certification that a firm, or its devices, is in compliance with U.S. law. In these cases, U.S. firms can request an FDA Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG), formerly called Certificate for Products for Export or Certificate of Free Sale.

The CFG is a self-certification process. By completing the required form, a firm certifies that it is registered and listed, that each product is legally marketed in the U.S. and is not the subject of an open recall, that all facilities involved in the manufacturing process are complying with the FDA’s regulations, and that each product is being exported from the U.S. 

For directions on obtaining a Certificate to Foreign Government please see the How to Request Export Certificates/Permits and Submitting Simple Notification section.