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Medical Displays and Color Imaging


Wei-Chung Cheng, Ph.D.


In this research program, we evaluate the impact of emerging display technologies on medical image visualization and develop quantitative bench testing methods for assessing the color performance of medical imaging devices. Our goal is to assist in streamlining the FDA’s review of medical devices, using regulatory science to lessen the need for sponsors to engage in expensive clinical trials. Our current focus is on developing device characterization methods for surgical pathology whole-slide imaging, flexible and capsule endoscopy, dermatology with mobile applications and multi-spectral imaging, and retinal photography in ophthalmoscopy.

Current external funding sources

FDA Critical Path Initiative
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), Barco N.V., Inc. disclaimer icon


FDA Staff:
Wei-Chung Cheng, Ph.D.
Aldo Badano, Ph.D.

External collaborators 

Biological Stain Commissiondisclaimer icon
International Color Consortiumdisclaimer icon
Barco N.V., Healthcare Divisiondisclaimer icon

Resource facilities

Display Lab


  • Spectroradiometer, Photo Research PR-730

  • Spectroradiometer, Konica-Minolta CS-2000

  • Illuminance spectrophotometer, Konica-Minolta CL-500A

  • Image photometer, Photometrica P199F


  • DICOM calibrated, wide color gamut, OLED, stereo (lenticular, shutter-based, head-mounted), large-sized, projection, mobile, transflective, CRT


  • DVI/HDMI FPGA development boards

  • Video signal generator

  • SDI

Color calibration kits

  • X-Rite, Datacolor


  • Illumination-controlled observation room

  • Eyetracker, SR EyeLink 1000

Color Lab


  • FM-100 Color Discrimination Test

  • Reflective color targets (Munsell, X-Rite, Pantone, LabSphere)

  • Reflective spectrophotometer (X-Rite iOne Pro, RM200 Capsure)

  • Tunable light source, Gooch and Housego OL490

  • Tunable color filter, CRi VariSpec

Digital Pathology

  • Microscopes with motorized XYZ stage

  • H&E stained tissue slides


  • GivenImaging PillCam SB3


  • Ophthalmoscope, Welch Panoptic

  • Eye models (Reti Eye, Ocular Instruments)


  • Pantone SkinTone targets

  • Medical photography (close-up lens and ring-light)

Public domain software

Virtual Display Color Processor

Relevant standards & guidances

Standards and professional guidances

Selected peer-review publications

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