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The News and Events page contains current information about international program activities at home and abroad.

Food Safety Study Released

On October 23rd, 2018, the World Bank released a groundbreaking study, The Safe Food Imperative: Accelerating Progress in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, which was funded by the US Food and Drug Administration. The study finds that unsafe foods cost these countries about $110 billion in lost productivity and medical expenses each year. The study explores examples of effective food safety management being practiced around the world that are low cost and novel approaches to food safety regulation. It argues for sustained investments in prevention, including ones that build countries’ core competencies to manage food safety risks, and motivate and empower many different actors, from farm to fork, to act responsibly, with consumer health in mind. The FDA is excited to share the findings of this report and emphasize the essential need to invest in food safety regulatory systems.

Report on the International API inspection program published

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