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Village Farm

Village Farm

United States

Issuing Office:

United States


Department of Health and Human Services logoDepartment of Health and Human Services

Food and Drug Administration
Center for Tobacco Products
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993 

JAN 28, 2015

VIA UPS and Electronic Mail

Mangesh Shah - Corporate Officer
Smz lmpex Inc.
d/b/a/ Village Farm Grocery
146 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Dear Mr. Shah:

The United States Food and Drug Administration's Center for Tobacco Products has completed an evaluation of your corrective actions in response to our Warning Letter dated August 08, 2013, and teleconferences on October 24, 2013, December 06, 2013, and December 16, 2013. Based on our evaluation of your websites, it appears that you have addressed the violation(s) contained in the Warning Letter by discontinuing smokeless tobacco product advertisements that do not comply with applicable requirements under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Specifically, you no longer advertise or sell the smokeless tobacco products referenced in the Warning Letter, on your websites: http://www.beernewvorkonline.com, http://www.beer-nyc.com, http://www.beersnyc.com, http://www.chelseadelivery.com, http://www.eastvillagedirect.com, http://www.eastvillagefood.com, http://www.eastvillagefoods.com, http://www.eastvillaqegrocer.com, http://www.villaqefarm.net, http://www.villagefarmdeli.com, http://www.villagefarmgrocer.com, http://www.villagefarmgrocery.com, http://www.villagefarmgrocery.net, http://www.villaqe-farm.com, http://www.westvillagedelivery.com, http://www.westvillageqrocery.com, http://www.newyorkgrocery.com, http://www.tribecadelivery.com, and http://www.tribecadirect.com. Additionally, your websites, http://www.eastvillageflorist.net, http://www.villagefarmsgrocery.com, and http://www.villagefarmsgrocery.net, are no longer active.

This letter does not relieve you or your firm from the responsibility of taking all necessary steps to assure sustained compliance with the FD&C Act and its implementing regulations or with other relevant legal authority. This letter also will not preclude any regulatory action should violations be observed in the future.



Ele Ibarra-Pratt
Division Director
Division of Promotion, Advertising, and Labeling
Office of Compliance and Enforcement
Center for Tobacco Products


VIA Electronic Mail



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