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Tofu Yu, LLC - Second

Tofu Yu, LLC - Second

United States


United States

Tofu Yu, LLC - 2618 8th Street - Berkeley CA  94710
Phone: 510-204-9090 - Fax: 510-204-9097 - www.tofuyo.com



January 16, 2017
Lawton W. Lum
Director, Compliance Branch
San Francisco District
1431 Harbor bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502-7070
Reference:      Response to Letter dated January 10, 2017
Dear Mr. Lum,
Our responses to your items are as follows:
1a. The pitcher has been replaced. We will continually inspect and replace the pitcher when ever we see permanent staining of plastic beginning to happen from the continued use of our coagulant. We will clean and sanitize the pitcher daily after use.
1b. We will clean the plastic tofu shape maker and sanitizer it daily after use.
1c. We have installed a plastic liner over the upper grooved press plate. See photo 1C enclosed.
1d. We removed all black marks from rollers. Rollers will be cleaned after intermittent use of this equipment. See photo 1d.
1e. We have fixed a cutting mat and plastic over the entire surface of the wood chop block. The cutting mat will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use. See Photo 1d.
2.  We have determined that condensate drops have occurred due to putting hot tofu after its immediately made into the cooler box. We henceforth will delay putting the freshly made tofu into the cooler box until it has cooled off.      
3.  Besides the pest strips hung around the production area, away from the food, we have a air curtains over the one and only man door and overhead door. We have adjusted the air directional blades to better distribute the air flow down in front of the door openings. See Photos 3a,3b &3c.
4.  All the employees have been instructed to wear gloves henceforth and to change them after taking breaks from their duties and washing their hands. We have implemented an Employee Illness policy. See Copy enclosed.
We have pulled the Spicy Tortilla Wrap from production until we have resolved the nutrition sub ingredients. We will resubmit revised label as soon as we have it for your review.
We are in the process of scheduling a 3rd party Audit of our facility from Everclean as recommended by Whole Foods. At our first meeting we will review our HAACP and Food recall Manual with them.
We look forward to another inspection of our facility by the FDA at your earliest convenience. We look for to a public release of the initial warning so that we can again distribute our food.
Kevin E. Stong, President
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