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C.R. Melear Corporation Company

C.R. Melear Corporation Company

United States


United States

Thomas C. Watkins
C.R. Melear Corporation
P.O. Box 1647
Avon Park, Fl 33826


June 3, 2015

Carla Norris
Food and Drug Administration
Florida District
555 Winderly Place, Suite 200
Maitland, FL 32751

Dear Carla Norris:

We have received your Warning Letter #FLA-15-24 and have taken immediate steps to correct the violations. In this letter, I will explain the steps taken and provide pictures where available.

Our farm now maintains complete treatment records that specify what treatment or drug was used; how the drug was administered; the dosage of the treatment or drug; the withdrawal time per drug label or written veterinarian instructions; and the date the cow can reenter the heard or be slaughtered. We keep this information on an index card that we call a cow card (picture 1). Each cow on our farm receives a cow card when entering the herd and we now retain the cow card for one year after a cow leaves our farm.

Any cow on our farm that has been treated with antibiotics or other drug therapy is identified with a yellow leg band (picture 2). The leg band is not removed until withdrawal date has passed per drug manufacturer label or written veterinarian instructions. We will not offer any cattle for sale without checking the cow's corresponding cow card twice.

In response to using VetriPen Gas extra label use without written authorization from our veterinarian, we have voluntarily suspended the use of VetriPen G on our farm. Also, any animal on our farm that requires the use of extra label drug treatment or therapy will only be treated per the written instructions of a licensed veterinarian. The instructions will also contain withdrawal time for slaughter and milk. Again, all treatment and withdrawal dates are recorded on the cow cards.

As a producer of animals offered for use as food, I know that I am responsible for insuring that the food we distribute is in compliance with the law. I would also like to ask that this document be uploaded for public record. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Thomas C. Watkins
General Manager

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