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Field District Rosters

Field District Rosters
Operations Management
Date Revised:
June, 3 1998


To revise current instructions regarding distribution and disclosure of Field personnel rosters to include the statement on home addresses and telephone numbers shown under Policy.


The Field Personnel Rosters which contain the home addresses, telephone numbers, etc., serve many useful purposes in the Field and at headquarters.


An FDA employee's duty station and telephone number at work are public information (see 21 CFR 20.110). Although the home address and home telephone number are desirable for the Field District Roster, this information may only be derived voluntarily from the employee.


District and Regional offices are requested to continue to submit rosters providing the customary information regarding their personnel (e.g., name of employee, office phone number, home address, and home phone number) within organizational structures. Submit the rosters annually on December 1.

Where significant changes have occurred in a Field installation, an additional interim list should be prepared according to management judgment.

Distribution is as follows:

6 copies to ORA (HFC-21) to provide for all headquarters requirements,

1 copy to each RFDD,

1 copy to each District Director; Regional Lab Director; Director, WEAC; and Director, NFCC.

Internal distribution by the preparing office shall be limited to offices and employees who have a need for the record (roster) in the performance of their official duties. This is so that any information contained in the roster is consistent with the Privacy Act of 1974.

The following statement should appear on the cover page of each roster:

"Disclosure of the personal information contained in this roster must be for official use only and consistent with the Privacy Act of 1974."