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Enforcement Statistics 2001

Enforcement Statistics 2001

Chapter 10
Enforcement Statistics

Table of Contents

Enforcement Action for FY 2001

The charts listed in this section are many of the “traditional” statistics cited in the past when looking at enforcement actions. There are many ways to measure compliance achievements and the listed charts are by no means complete in listing all such accomplishments. Further, none of the charts include any of the enforcement accomplishments by the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations.

Legal Actions for FY 2001

Warning Letters by Center for FY 2001

Recalls by Center for FY 2001

Recalls by Class and by Center for FY 2001

Seizures for FY 1997-2001

Injunctions for FY 1997-2001

Prosecutions for FY 1997-2001

Inspections for FY 1997-2001

Import Samples for FY 1997-2001

Domestic Samples for FY 1997-2001

Import Samples by Center for FY 1997-2001

Inspections by Center for FY 1997-2001

Office of Criminal Investigations FY 1993-2001

Warning Letters for FY FY 1992-2001

Compliance Achievements Reported for FY 1997-2001

Recalls for FY 1991-2001