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Past and Current Supported Research

Instructions for Searchable Database of Funded Grants

During searches, if more than one field is populated, results of the search will display as if the word “and” was put between the search criteria. For example, searching 'interferon' as a product and 'Smith' as an investigator will return only matches where both criteria are met. If you want all records that include either one or both criteria (i.e., an 'or' search), the searches must be run separately. A search with no criteria will return all grants, current and/or previous, depending on the button selected.


Disease Indication, Product Name, or Grant Title

Entering a search term in the Disease Indication field or Grant Title field will find any occurrence of the term in either of these fields, i.e., both fields are searched automatically. The database does not use a standard terminology, and searching both fields will increase the possibility of finding the appropriate records. For example, some records may have a disease name in the grant title that is listed differently in the indication. Searches on product name search only the Product Name field, therefore, if the search does not return expected records, the search should be repeated with the product name searched under the Grant Title field.


Principal Investigator

Grants can be searched by the name of the Principal Investigator, Institution, or Location. For Location, enter a city, state, or country. States should be entered as two letter abbreviations, e.g., 'NJ'. Entering only a location (e.g., 'NJ') will return all grants for investigators in New Jersey. For 'country', only countries outside the United States need to be entered.


Output Format

Results can be displayed as a list or downloaded as an Excel file. If displayed as a list, the number of record specifies how many records are returned on each page displayed. The default is 100 records per page. Output can also be sorted by several options, e.g., investigator or date.


Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.


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