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  1. Color Additive Enforcement News

Import Alerts & Refusals Involving Color Additive Violations

The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act authorizes FDA to detain a regulated product that appears to be out of compliance with the Act. Color additive violations are one reason for such detentions.

The purpose of an Import Alert is to identify and disseminate import information (problems, violative trends, etc.) to FDA personnel, thus providing for more uniform and effective import coverage. Import Alerts identify problem commodities and/or shippers and provide guidance for import coverage. They also identify products or shippers that have met the criteria for Detention Without Physical Examination.

Import Refusals and Import Alerts involving color additives are listed on FDA's Web site according to the product category in which the color additive violation occurs.

To learn what products have been detained upon entry into the U.S., check FDA's list of Import Refusals, which is updated monthly.

For your convenience, we have provided links to color-related Import Alerts below. We review this list regularly to keep it up to date; however, we recommend that you also access FDA's Import Alert Web page to make sure you have the latest information on this subject.

Import Alerts Involving Color Additive Violations

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