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  1. Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA)

June 25, 2014 Meeting Minutes


AHI Representatives CVM Representatives
Katherine Allran (Merial) Karla Antonio
Keith Baker (Elanco) Dan Benz
Paul Duquette (Phibro) Jim Delaney
Bruce Martin (Bayer) Amy Frankshun
Aubrey Schroeder (Zoetis) George Haibel
Mark Madakasira (Intervet d/b/a Merck Animal Health) Chad Hamel
Kelly Klaus (AHI) Dragan Momcilovic
  Marty Schoenemann
  Susan Storey
  Linda Wilmot


  1. Federal Register notice: CVM provided an update on the status of the FR. It will be published shortly.
  2. AHI and CVM discussed their individual A1s, which are part of the ASCENT Process that the group is working under. AHI shared their A1 with CVM, and CVM shared theirs (in draft and incomplete) with AHI after the meeting.
  3. The group discussed their differing expectations and agreed on possible ways to move forward, including meeting more frequently and providing for greater sharing of information to enrich discussion.
  4. The group will look for meeting dates in July and August. 
  5. A proposal to develop a single A1 was discussed. The goal being to find areas of alignment between AHI and CVM.
  6. Moving forward, different members of the group will provide the entire group background presentations on several topics, including the history behind the current medicated feeds approval process and the background behind the shifts in oversight of medicated feeds in foreign countries.


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