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  1. Science and Our Food Supply

Lose a Million (Bacteria) Game: #5

"Lose a Million (Bacteria)" Game Main Page

  1. Which of these groups is typically not at high risk for foodborne illness?
    a) Children under age one
    b) Teenagers who rollerblade
    c) Women who are pregnant
    d) Adults over age 65
  2. What percentage of people say they do not wash their hands after handling raw meat? (1998 FDA Survey)
    a) 25%
    b) 10%
    c) 44%
    d) 50%
  3. How many cases of gastrointestinal illnesses caused by food does the CDC estimate each year? (CDC MMWR)
    a) 76,000,000
    b) 5,200
    c) 323,000
    d) 500,000
  4. What process did NASA adopt in the 1970s to ensure that food is safe for astronauts in space?
    a) Pasteurization
    b) Acidification
    c) HACCP
    d) Biotechnology

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