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  1. Science and Our Food Supply

Lose a Million (Bacteria) Game: #4

"Lose a Million (Bacteria)" Game Main Page

  1. What businesses employ the greatest number of high school students?
    a) Supermarkets
    b) Movie Theatres
    c) Delis
    d) Fast Food Restaurants
  2. What food temperatures constitute the "Danger Zone"?
    a) 0° F - 32° F
    b) 40° F - 140° F
    c) 140° F - 180° F
    d) 180° F - 210° F
  3. How does irradiation make food safe?
    a) It sterilizes it.
    b) It damages the bacteria's DNA.
    c) It makes it glow in the dark.
    d) It boils all the water out of the food.
  4. How long does it take for Salmonella to grow from 10 bacteria per gram to 1,000,000 per gram at room temperature?
    a) 13 hours
    b) 24 hours
    c) 48 hours
    d) 72 hours

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