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  1. Science and Our Food Supply

Lose a Million (Bacteria) Game :#3

"Lose a Million (Bacteria)" Game Main Page

  1. Which of these would not be found on a food label?
    a) Expiration Date
    b) Sell by Date
    c) Blind Date
    d) Use by Date
  2. The growth of this foodborne pathogen is of greatest concern at refrigerator temperatures.
    a) Listeria
    b) Salmonella
    c) E. coli
    d) Shigella
  3. Which of the following conditions have food safety implications?
    a) Curdled Milk
    b) Freezer Burn
    c) Prepared food left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours
    d) Raw eggs that float in water
  4. What percentage of people say they wash their fruits and vegetables before eating them? (1998 FDA survey)
    a) 52%
    b) 79%
    c) 65%
    d) 97%

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