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  1. Science and Our Food Supply

Lose a Million (Bacteria) Game: #2

"Lose a Million (Bacteria)" Game Main Page

  1. Which of these is not one of the "4 Cs" of proper food safety behavior?
    a) Clean
    b) Chill
    c) Cook
    d) Contaminate
  2. This government agency regulates food safety of all products made from produce, dairy, eggs, and seafood.
    a) CDC
    b) NIH
    c) FDA
    d) USDA
  3. Which of these foods is not kept safe through the process of pasteurization?
    a) Milk
    b) Orange Juice
    c) Tomato
    d) Egg
  4. Which of these is not a cause of emerging pathogens?
    a) DNA Mapping
    b) Transduction
    c) Transformation
    d) Conjugation

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