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  1. Laboratory Methods (Food)

MPM: Index of Tables and Figures

Macroanalytical Procedures Manual (MPM) Main Page

 Index of Tables

  1. Table II-1 Nominal Dimensions of Standard Test Sieves (U.S.A. Standard Series)
  2. Table IV-1 Recommended Exposure Conditions for X-ray Examination of Various Foods
  3. Table V-1 Natural Gums Covered by the Plant Gum Method 

Index of Figures

  1. Figure II-1. Jones Riffle Sampler
  2. Figure II-2. Boerner Divider
  3. Figure IV-1. Step-Wedge for X-ray Standardization
  4. Figure V-1. Coffee Beans Damaged by the Coffee Berry Borer and the Coffee Bean Weevil
  5. Figure V-2. Undamaged Coffee Beans
  6. Figure V-3. Classification of Insect Damage in Wheat Kernels (Cross-section View)
  7. Figure V-4. Cocoa Bean Rejects Due to Mold
  8. Figure V-5. Cysts Containing Parasites in Fin Fish
  9. Figure V-6. Discoloration Typical of Rancidity in Filbert Kernels
  10. Figure V-7. Adhering Material on Peanut Kernels
  11. Figure V-8. Verticillium Conidiophore and Conidia at 600X
  12. Figure V-9. Lygus Bug Damage in Black-eyed Peas
  13. Figure V-10. Calculation of Average Diameter of Moldy Areas Average Diameter=(AB+CD)/2
  14. Figure V-11. Eggs (Nits) of the Hog Louse on Hog Bristles
  15. Figure VI-1. Probe Location for Grain Carlot Sample Collection
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