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Final Egg Farm Classifications April - June 2011

Back to Quarterly Summary on FDA Inspections Under the Egg Safety Rule; Summary Period: January 2011 – September 2011

Legal Name City State Final Classification Inspection End Date 483 Comprehensive Targeted
Adam S Martin Jr. Bethel PA VAI 5/24/2011     Targeted
Arkansas Egg Company Summers AR NAI 4/5/2011   Comprehensive  
Arkansas Egg Company-Thomas Farms Prairie Grove AR VAI 4/4/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Badgett Enterprises LTD Fort Recovery OH NAI 5/26/2011     Targeted
Barb Link Portland IN NAI 4/4/2011   Comprehensive  
Barry Good Mohrsville PA NAI 5/17/2011   Comprehensive  
Barry L. Wilcher Millersburg PA VAI 5/27/2011 Yes   Targeted
Berkshire Layers Hamburg PA VAI 4/6/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Big Red Farms Wakefield NE NAI 6/21/2011     Targeted
Briarwood Farms Rochester WA VAI 5/18/2011 Yes   Targeted
Brown Produce Co Farina IL NAI 4/25/2011     Targeted
Brunswick Farms Inc Ft Recovery OH VAI 5/10/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Burns Poultry Farm, Inc. Millington MI VAI 6/1/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Cal Maine Foods Inc Shady Dale GA VAI 5/19/2011 Yes   Targeted
Cal Maine Foods Inc Pine Grove LA NAI 4/6/2011     Targeted
Cal-Maine Farms, Inc. Edwards MS VAI 6/2/2011 Yes   Targeted
Cal-Maine Farms, Inc. Edwards MS VAI 6/2/2011     Targeted
Cal-Maine Foods Inc. Harwood TX VAI 6/17/2011 Yes   Targeted
Cal-Maine Foods Inc. Waelder TX VAI 6/21/2011 Yes   Targeted
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Bremen KY VAI 6/15/2011 Yes   Targeted
CAL-MAINE FOODS, INC. LAKE CITY FL VAI 4/6/2011 Yes   Targeted
CAL-MAINE FOODS, INC. Lake Wales FL NAI 4/12/2011     Targeted
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Robertsdale AL NAI 6/15/2011     Targeted
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Farm #85 Zephyrhills FL NAI 6/7/2011     Targeted
Cedar Valley Egg LLP Mount Auburn IA VAI 5/25/2011 Yes   Targeted
Chattdale Egg Berne IN NAI 4/7/2011     Targeted
Chickenville USA Osceola NE NAI 5/16/2011     Targeted
Creighton Brothers Mellott Farm Bourbon IN NAI 4/14/2011     Targeted
Daybreak Foods, Inc Lake Mills WI NAI 6/30/2011     Targeted
Deer Run Dubois IN NAI 6/3/2011     Targeted
Delta Egg Farm, LLC Delta UT NAI 6/14/2011     Targeted
Denny Wagner Muncy PA VAI 6/30/2011 Yes   Targeted
Denu Brothers Dubois IN NAI 5/9/2011     Targeted
Donald J. Martin Farm Jonestown PA VAI 5/20/2011 Yes   Targeted
Dwight Bell Ranch Atwater CA NAI 4/6/2011     Targeted
E. Lavern Martin Farm Lebanon PA VAI 4/25/2011 Yes   Targeted
Egg & I Farm (The) Lamar SC NAI 5/3/2011     Targeted
Eggs Newburg Newburg PA NAI 5/26/2011     Targeted
Farina Farms Inc Kimnundy IL NAI 4/25/2011     Targeted
Farmer John Egg Enterprises, Inc. Bakersfield CA VAI 4/18/2011 Yes   Targeted
Farmer John Egg Enterprises, Inc. Bakersfield CA VAI 6/15/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Fassio Egg Farms Erda UT NAI 4/8/2011   Comprehensive  
Forsman Farms, Inc. Howard Lake MN OAI 4/15/2011 Yes   Targeted
Fremont Farms, L.C. Fremont IA OAI 6/29/2011 Yes   Targeted
Girard Brothers LLC #2 Osceola NE NAI 5/16/2011     Targeted
Girard Brothers LLC #3 Osceola NE NAI 5/17/2011     Targeted
Glenwood Foods Llc Jetersville VA VAI 5/6/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Green Valley Poultry Farm Abingdon VA VAI 5/26/2011 Yes   Targeted
Harold Heins & Sons INC. David City NE NAI 5/25/2011     Targeted
Harvest Lane Farm Lititz PA NAI 4/26/2011   Comprehensive  
Hawkeye Pride Egg Farms, LLP Corwith IA NAI 6/6/2011     Targeted
Hickman's Egg Ranch (Maricopa) Maricopa AZ NAI 5/5/2011     Targeted
Hickman's Egg Ranch (South), Inc. Arlington AZ NAI 4/21/2011     Targeted
Hickman's Family Farms (North), Inc. Arlington AZ NAI 4/19/2011     Targeted
Hickory Hill Dubois IN NAI 6/10/2011     Targeted
Hillandale Iowa II LLP West Union IA NAI 4/12/2011     Targeted
Hillandale-Gettsburg Site 3 New Oxford PA NAI 6/1/2011     Targeted
Hillside Ranch Petaluma CA VAI 5/5/2011 Yes   Targeted
Hilmar Ranch Hilmar CA NAI 6/8/2011   Comprehensive  
Hilmar Ranch Hilmar CA NAI 4/6/2011   Comprehensive  
Hoover Ranch #1 Yucaipa CA VAI 6/21/2011 Yes   Targeted
Host Valley Farm, Inc. Bernville PA NAI 6/13/2011     Targeted
Husker Pride Wakefield NE NAI 6/21/2011     Targeted
ISE America dba Red Bird Maryland Millington MD NAI 4/20/2011   Comprehensive  
ISE America Maryland Company 6 Cecilton MD NAI 5/10/2011     Targeted
ISE America, Inc. Broadway NJ NAI 5/17/2011     Targeted
ISE America, Inc. dba Red Bird Egg Farm Woodstown NJ NAI 4/19/2011     Targeted
Jack Newcomer Mount Joy PA VAI 4/14/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Jay Egg Portland IN VAI 4/12/2011   Comprehensive  
Joe Siefring Fort Recovery OH VAI 6/30/2011 Yes   Targeted
Johnson County Egg Farm Knob Noster MO VAI 5/4/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Jongs Poultry Farm, Inc. Riverside CA VAI 4/8/2011 Yes   Targeted
Jordan Egg Farm, Inc. Dodson LA VAI 4/20/2011 Yes   Targeted
Junction Farms Rising City NE VAI 5/19/2011 Yes   Targeted
Kellen Egg Farm Clear Lake SD VAI 6/22/2011 Yes   Targeted
Kreher's Farm Fresh Eggs, LLC Clarence NY NAI 5/5/2011     Targeted
Kreher's Sunrise Farm LLC Alabama NY NAI 4/27/2011   Comprehensive  
L & W Farms, LLC Greencastle PA VAI 4/12/2011 Yes   Targeted
Lake Wohlford Ranch Valley Center CA VAI 6/2/2011 Yes   Targeted
Lamar Horst Farm Waynesboro PA VAI 6/7/2011 Yes   Targeted
Lamar Zimmerman Myerstown PA VAI 6/23/2011 Yes   Targeted
Lenz Poultry, Inc. Palmer IA NAI 6/20/2011     Targeted
Lesher Poultry Farm, Inc. Chambersburg PA VAI 5/3/2011 Yes   Targeted
Lester Z. Weaver Farm Newmanstown PA VAI 6/3/2011 Yes   Targeted
Lloyd Brubacker Myerstown PA VAI 6/10/2011 Yes   Targeted
Mahard Egg Farms, Inc SULPHUR OK VAI 5/24/2011 Yes   Targeted
Malcolm Sonnen Farm Richland PA VAI 5/6/2011 Yes   Targeted
Markay Inc Bode IA NAI 6/17/2011     Targeted
MarMEC Farming, LLC Waynesboro PA NAI 5/31/2011 Yes   Targeted
Martin's Pine Lane Farm Waynesboro PA NAI 5/24/2011     Targeted
Matheis Poultry Loogootee IN NAI 6/13/2011     Targeted
Michael Foods Egg Products Co Bloomfield NE NAI 6/22/2011     Targeted
Minnich Poultry, LLC Portland IN VAI 4/29/2011 Yes   Targeted
Moorpark Lay Ranch Moorpark CA VAI 6/24/2011 Yes   Targeted
Morning Fresh Farms, Incorporated Platteville CO NAI 6/3/2011     Targeted
Mussman's Back Acres Inc Grant Park IL NAI 5/17/2011     Targeted
Nature's Best Egg Co Cullman AL NAI 6/28/2011     Targeted
Nebraska Eggs LTD 1&2 Carroll NE NAI 6/21/2011     Targeted
Newton County Egg Farm Brook IN NAI 4/26/2011      
Nugent Nuggets, LLC Radcliffe IA VAI 5/10/2011 Yes   Targeted
Oskaloosa Food Products Corporation Oskaloosa IA NAI 6/29/2011      
P & R Farms Saint Anthony IN NAI 6/16/2011     Targeted
Pearl Valley Eggs, DBA: Mallquist Pearl City IL VAI 4/20/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Pedro Saavedra dba SAAVEDRA FARMS obrien FL NAI 4/19/2011     Targeted
Phil Overdorf Farms, Inc. Tipton IN NAI 6/24/2011     Targeted
Poultry Products Dubois IN NAI 5/26/2011     Targeted
Prairie Egg Farms Plymouth NE VAI 5/23/2011 Yes   Targeted
Quint T Egg Farm Halifax PA VAI 4/8/2011 Yes   Targeted
Reedsburg Egg Company, Inc. Reedsburg WI VAI 5/18/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Rigtrup Poultry Farm, Incorporated Elberta UT NAI 4/14/2011   Comprehensive  
Rohrer Lancaster PA NAI 4/21/2011     Targeted
Ron Post Farms Saint Henry OH NAI 6/21/2011   Comprehensive  
Rose Acre Farms Inc. White County Egg Farm Monon IN OAI 4/28/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Rose Acre Farms, Inc. Winterset IA NAI 6/1/2011     Targeted
Rose Acre Farms, Inc.  (Guthrie Center location) Guthrie Center IA VAI 4/5/2011 Yes   Targeted
Schipper Eggs, LLC Holland MI NAI 5/25/2011   Comprehensive  
Schwieterman Egg Farms Fort Recovery OH NAI 5/23/2011     Targeted
Scott Gochenaur Elizabethtown PA NAI 5/10/2011   Comprehensive  
Seger Hills Dubois IN NAI 6/13/2011     Targeted
Southwest Iowa Egg Cooperative Massena IA VAI 4/12/2011 Yes   Targeted
Sparboe Farms, Inc. Hudson CO VAI 5/12/2011 Yes   Targeted
Sparboe Farms, Inc. Eagle Grove IA NAI 6/27/2011     Targeted
Sparboe Farms, Vincent Operation Eagle Grove IA VAI 5/19/2011 Yes Comprehensive  
Sterup Poultry Farms LLC Osceola NE NAI 5/18/2011     Targeted
Steve Fuxa David City NE NAI 5/23/2011     Targeted
Stoller Farms Inc Ohio City OH VAI 6/22/2011 Yes   Targeted
Stone Crest Farms, Inc. Marysville PA NAI 4/29/2011     Targeted
Sunbest Food LLC Clearfield IA VAI 4/19/2011 Yes   Targeted
Sunbest Papetti Farms Villisca IA NAI 6/13/2011     Targeted
Sunny Yolk Egg Ranch LLC Adams NE VAI 5/24/2011 Yes   Targeted
Sunnyside Farm Firth NE VAI 6/29/2011 Yes   Targeted
Sunrise Farms, LLC- Bodega Ranch Petaluma CA NAI 5/5/2011     Targeted
T&C Poultry Ogden IA VAI 4/20/2011 Yes   Targeted
The Country Hen Inc Hubbardston MA VAI 5/10/2011 Yes   Targeted
Unrast Poultry Maria Stein OH VAI 5/25/2011   Comprehensive  
Valley Fresh Foods Inc, Skylane Division Woodburn OR NAI 5/4/2011     Targeted
Wabash Valley Produce dba Oakridge Dubois IN NAI 4/21/2011     Targeted
Weaver Farm Womelsdorf PA NAI 4/19/2011     Targeted
Weber Ranch, Partnership Petaluma CA NAI 4/27/2011     Targeted
Wilcox Farms, Inc. Roy WA VAI 6/6/2011 Yes   Targeted
Wilcox Farms, Inc. Aurora OR NAI 6/22/2011     Targeted
Willamette Egg Farms LLC Canby OR VAI 5/6/2011 Yes   Targeted
Willamette Egg Farms, LLC dba Dybvad Ranch Canby OR VAI 5/5/2011 Yes   Targeted
Williamette Egg Farms dba Satrum Egg Ranch Canby OR VAI 5/11/2011 Yes   Targeted
Wolgemuths Farview Farms Mount Joy PA NAI 4/29/2011     Targeted
Woods Valley Ranch Valley Center CA VAI 5/11/2011 Yes   Targeted
Zeilinger Farms LLC Rising City NE NAI 5/16/2011     Targeted
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