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Ceramic Tableware from China

Information Sheet on FDA-CNCA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Pertaining to the Safety of Ceramic Tableware Imported into the United States from CHINA

List of CNCA-Certified Ceramicware Factories, Public Release List No. 64, Jun 18, 2018

740 Firms Eligible for Consideration Under Terms of MOU - For Public Distribution

CNCA Will Update the List of Certified Firms Periodically

On November 9, 2010 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of CHINA (CNCA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) pertaining to the safety of ceramic tableware produced in CHINA and exported to the United States. The new MOU between FDA and CNCA replaces an earlier (1999 and 2006) MOUs between FDA and CNCA.

The MOU specifies, among other provisions, that CNCA, through its network of provincial, municipal, and local inspection offices (currently called CHINA Commodity Inspection Bureaus (CCIBs or CIQs)), institute a certification system for ceramic tableware production facilities in CHINA to provide FDA with reasonable assurance that ceramicware produced in these facilities and exported to the United States will satisfy FDA action levels for leachable lead and cadmium. In 1999 CNCA has provided FDA with an initial list of the names, addresses, and unique factory codes of certified factories and has updated the list, as necessary, allowing FDA to maintain a current internal Operational List of CNCA-certified factories. The public list below does not contain the unique factory codes which are considered business confidential information. FDA will compare the Operational List with manufacturer information and affirmation of compliance filings provided to the agency's automated import entry examination system to determine, at the time a consignment of ceramic tableware from CHINA is offered for entry into the United States, the eligibility of the shipment to proceed into U.S. commerce under the terms of the MOU.

In addition to the provision for a list of CNCA-certified ceramicware factories, terms of the MOU specify that each shipping and retail carton of ceramic tableware be affixed with a sticker/logo of CCIB/CIQ embossed with the unique factory code number of the production facility that produced the ware. The sticker/logo provision of the MOU serves (1) as an additional means of identifying a particular consignment as having originated from a CNCA-certified factory and (2) to facilitate trace back of a consignment to a particular production facility in the event of any instance of non-compliance with applicable FDA action levels for leachable lead and cadmium. Examples of the CCIB sticker/logo are illustrated below.

FDA believes that consignments of ceramic tableware originating from CNCA-certified factories will have a higher likelihood of satisfying U.S. safety requirements than those originating from other, non-certified factories in CHINA. FDA intends to set its import inspection rates and detention criteria accordingly. This list may be useful to importers of ceramic tableware from CHINA. Accurate names and addresses of CNCA-certified factories are shown below exactly as they should appear on import documents. The unique factory identifier codes assigned by CNCA should be obtained from the manufacturer for each consignment.

Examples of CCIB Sticker/Logo

These are examples of the CCIB Sticker/Logo that must be affixed to shipping and retail cartons of ceramic tableware imported into the United States from CNCA-certified factories in CHINA on or after January 1, 2000:

Image if CCIB Logo for Shipping Cartons. Larger Sticker

Larger Sticker/Logo for Shipping Cartons - Actual Size, Approximately 25mm, Blue on White "H" Sticker/Logo with Unique Factory Code

CCIB Logo for Retail Cartons - Smaller Sticker

Smaller Sticker/Logo for Retail Cartons - Actual Size, Approximately 15mm, Blue on White "H" Sticker/Logo with Unique Factory Code

This list of 740 firms has been provided to FDA by CNCA per terms of the November 9, 2010, FDA/CNCA Memorandum of Understanding. The current list consists of the initial submission on September 16, 1999, supplemented by periodic updates by CNCA. The list below has been revised slightly by FDA from its original text to ensure clarity in the names and addresses of firms. The list is arranged in alphabetical order by province/municipality and in (general) alphabetical order of factory name.

Download the List of PRC Ceramicware Factories
Certified by CNCA/CCIBs - June 18, 2018 (PDF: 2.40MB)

To search this list, use your Adobe PDF's search capabilities.

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