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Short-Term and Long-Term CFSAN International Visitor's Procedures

Procedures for Requesting a Short-term Visit

Representatives of foreign governments may make requests for short-term visits to CFSAN directly via Center Program Offices. When making the request for a visit to CFSAN, short-term visitors should fill out the International Visit Information Request Form provided here:

The Visiting Organization:

Please provide the details below about the visiting organization:

  • Name of the organization (if applicable)

  • Lead contact


Full Name

Job Title





  • Is the visiting organization a government body?

Yes _____

No  _____

  • What kind of work is carried out by the organization relevant to this visit?

  • Please give details:

About the Visit:

Please give the following logistical details:

  • Propose date(s) for the visit to CFSAN (please note 4 weeks prior notice)

  • Proposed duration of meeting

  • Preferred location

  • Will you be bringing an interpreter?

Yes ____

No  ____

  • Is another organization assisting with the arrangements for your visits? (i.e., federal agency, management agency/consultancy)

Yes ____

No  ____

If yes, please give details:

  • Organization name

  • Contact person

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

Reason for visit:

Please tell us about the organization’s precise interests in CFSAN. Note that your request may be refused if you do not give the following information. Also note that the collected information will be used to identify the right person(s) to meet your request for a visit. Please provide the following details below:

  • Will the visitors be visiting other organizations while in the US?

Yes ____

No  ____

If yes, give details below:

  • How many people will be visiting? ____ (Please note that we are not able to accept groups of more than 20 delegates due to meeting room availability.)

  • Please provide delegate details in the table below.

# of Visitors Title First Name Last Name Job Title Organization (If different from above) Organization Address Work Phone Work Fax E-Mail

What happens next:

Please complete and email this form to the following email box: IAS-ACTION@fda.hhs.gov.

Individuals seeking short-term visits (less than 30 days) are asked to provide us with at least a 30-day advance notice. All requests should include curriculum vitae, resume, or a biographical sketch. Do not forget to include the purpose for the visit.

Procedures for Requesting a Long-term Visit

Making the Request:

Representatives of foreign governments may make requests for long-term visits to CFSAN directly via the IAS Long-term visit coordinator Debbie Subera-Wiggin or through appropriate Center Program Offices.  

Upon receipt of the request, CFSAN will:

  • Check with the proposed Staff Program Host to assure that the long-term visitor is welcomed in the Host Office. Notify the appropriate OIP Desk Officer.
  • Respond to request (Letter of Invitation) to:
  • Provide information on forms, housing and Center Location.
  • Long-term research fellows should have a J-1 visa or an H-1B work permit, and confirm schedule of the visit.
  • Long-term visitor should fill out FDA Form 3391 and SF-85, which are completed online on the US Office of Personnel Management’s e-QIP system.
  • Visitor should present Form 3391 and 2 IDs (refer to the last page of form 1-9, List of Acceptable Documents) to Laquita Townes (Laquita.Townes@fda.hhs.gov) who will take the visitor’s ID photo and receive the SF-85 in preparation for preparing an FDA Badge.
  • The visitor should accompany the staff host or Director of IVP who should hand carry the E-QIP form to the FDA Personnel Security Officer Vicky Dean-Smith (Vicky.vandevander@fda.hhs.gov) who will fingerprint the fellow at White Oak:

Office of Security Operations
Personnel Security Branch
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Building 1, Suite 1201
Silver Spring, MD  20993 

Access to CFSAN, Office, Phone and Computer:

  • Before receiving an official FDA badge, the long-term visitor will be treated as a short-term visitor, requiring a daily temporary visitor’s badge and constant escort while in the building.
  • If the security check is approved, Ms. Dean-Smith will notify Ms. Townes who will present an FDA badge to the visitor and request an EASE account (phone, email and computer access) for the visitor.
  • The host Office should have already designated an office with Computer equipment in place for the visitor, who should obtain the office key from Robert Dempsey (Wiley Building 1D042).

What happens next:

Please fill out the required forms and provide any additional information and mail them to:

Debbie Subera-Wiggen
Consumer Safety Officer
International Affairs Staff
Office of the Center Director
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Wiley Building, Rm. 4A035
5100 Paint Branch Pkwy., HFS-550
College Park, MD 20740
Email: Debbie.Subera-wiggen@fda.hhs.gov

Long-term visitors will need a letter from an appropriate authority requesting an opportunity to visit. To begin the scheduling process, a curriculum vitae, resume, or a biographical sketch is needed and at least eight weeks advance notice of desire to visit. As a matter of protocol, such visitors are required to have insurance in effect that covers sickness or accidents during their stay (Title 22, Foreign Relations, Part 62, Sec. 62.14) prior to the onset of the visit. Note that for laboratory assignments, a minimum of six months advance notice is required. 


For security purposes, potential long-term visitors will have to complete Standard Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions, for a background check and/or to obtain special clearance for an appointment with CFSAN. The potential long-term visitor will also be asked to sign a Provisions of the USA Patriot Act acknowledging understanding of specific conditions.


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