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FDA Promotes Nutrition Facts Label Educational Materials for Teachers, Parents and Youth

Constituent Update

August 26, 2020

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has updated many of its nutrition education resources with the new Nutrition Facts label and is reminding teachers, parents and youth that these are available online. The new label, which is based on updated scientific information and new nutrition research, is the first major update to the label in more than 20 years. The refreshed design and updated information make it easier to make informed food choices that contribute to lifelong healthy eating habits.

The FDA has the following resources available:

Snack Shack: Part of the popular Whyville online community, it provides kids (ages 8-15) hands-on experience in understanding and using the Nutrition Facts label as a tool to compare snacks, make smart food choices, and build healthy lifelong habits. Two fun and engaging games are available, Label Lingo and Snack Sort.

Read the Label materials challenge kids ages 9 to 13 to look for and use the Nutrition Facts label on food and beverage packages. The materials – available in English and in Spanish - include fun, easy tips and targeted education to equip young people with label reading skills to achieve a healthy diet.

Science and Our Food Supply: A collection of free supplementary curricula about nutrition, food safety, and agricultural biotechnology. Designed for middle and high school classrooms, these guides provide hands-on activities and inquiry-based learning that link food safety and nutrition to students' everyday lives. They are crafted in a teacher-friendly modular format that easily fit into science, health, and other classes.

Interactive Nutrition Facts Label: Allows students to explore the updated label online and is helpful for virtual learning. The online tool provides an overview of the label and each of its elements as well as an in-depth look at specific nutrients and their role in our daily diet. Educators and students can easily access corresponding resources and materials.


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