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  1. Bad Bug Book (Second Edition)

BBB - Okadiac Acid and Dinophysis Toxin Structure

Bad Bug Book:
Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins Handbook
Okadaic Acid and Dinophysis Toxins

Bad Bug Book 2nd Edition: Shellfish Toxins (PSP, DSP, NSP, ASP, AZP)

Toxins primarily responsible for DSP are Okadaic Acid (OA), Dinophysistoxin 1 (DTX 1), and Dinophysistoxin 2 (DTX 2). All three of these toxins have a variety of 7-O-acyl ester derivatives that are produced by shellfish and can also cause illness. DSP toxins are produced by select dinoflagellates belonging to the genus Dinophysis and Prorocentrum.

Okadaic Acid and Dinophysis Toxins: Chemical Structures
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