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Program Administration

The Steering Committee will keep senior management advised of the performance measures and outcomes of the Retail Food Program. The Steering Committee also will submit an annual work plan to accomplish the performance goals for appropriate FDA management review no later than March 15 of each succeeding year. The Steering Committee will recommend annual adjustments and revisions to the work plan based on the previous year's data and input from the regulatory community and the retail food industry. The first national program work plan was submitted in FY 1997. Additionally, in support of the accomplishment of the performance plan, the Steering Committee will make recommendations on the following administrative areas:

  • Developing staffing formulas for the FDA retail food program.
  • Establishing work groups to implement the performance plan.
  • Monitoring and updating the Operational Plan.
  • Coordination of delivery of Work Plan activities.
  • Training and certification program for National Retail Team.
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