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Egg Safety Inspection Contract Program

What is the Egg Safety Inspection Program?

On July 9, 2009, FDA published a final rule requiring shell egg producers to implement certain measures to prevent Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) from contaminating eggs on the farm and prevent growth during storage and transportation. The rule requires producers with 3,000 or more laying hens on a farm to implement SE prevention measures.

This contract is designed to obtain state assistance for the inspectional coverage of egg producing facilities covered by FDA’s final SE egg rule, specifically to conduct inspections of egg layer farms to assess compliance with 21 CFR 118: Production, Storage and Transportation of Shell Eggs, “The New Egg Rule."

Which states currently have contracts with FDA?

United States Map displaying six (6) FDA funded Egg Safety Inspection contract states: CA, IA, IN, MI, OH, NC

United States Map displaying six (6) FDA funded Egg Safety Inspection contract states: CA, IA, IN, MI, OH, NC

  • 6 contracts with state government regulatory agencies
  • 6 states are covered in these contracts
  • $555,752 in funding under this contract program

Where can I find more information?

General questions can be directed to OP.Feedback@fda.hhs.gov.

Specific questions on this program can be directed to the appropriate Office of Partnerships' contact within the Division of Partnership Investments and Agreements. Please visit the Office of Partnerships Contacts webpage to obtain a downloaded version of the staffing roster.

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