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  1. Safe Disposal of Medicines

Just in Case Script - 60 Seconds - Transcript

NARRATOR: Over the years, you’ve brought them into your home. You were prescribed opioids after the C-section. When dad injured his back. When your basketball star tore his ACL.

Opioids helped with the pain, and you held onto them just in case. But did you know holding onto unused opioids puts your family at risk?

Opioids are powerful, pain-reducing prescription medicines. But most people who are prescribed opioids don’t finish their prescriptions. So, millions of unused opioids are sitting in homes across the country. And tragically, more than 100 Americans die every day from overdoses involving opioids.

What can you do to protect your family? Remove the risk of unused opioids from your home. Pills, patches, or syrups in drawers, purses and cabinets—anywhere they might be hiding. To find out how to dispose of them properly, visit www.FDA.gov/DrugDisposal.

This is a transcript of an audio file appearing on the Safe Opioid Disposal - Remove the Risk Outreach Toolkit page.

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