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Conference | In Person

Event Title
DILI Conference
May 7 - 8, 2019

May 7 - 8, 2019


The FDA and the AASLD have expressed a willingness to leverage their combined strengths for the joint development of this annual conference. This conference will bring together nationally known experts in the field of hepatotoxicity to share their knowledge.  The event is a two-day conference expected to draw approximately 250 people. 

Goals and Objectives 

The purpose of this scientific conference is to provide a forum for open discussion between industry, government and academia of ways in which to predict, measure, evaluate and act upon liver injury and dysfunction caused by drugs in clinical trials and in post-market treatment populations; to ensure the leading experts in industry, academia and the FDA have an opportunity to discuss current and evolving practices in the analysis of hepatotoxicity and the performance of adequate liver safety studies. 

Who Should Attend

The goal audience for the conference is scientists in government, industry and academia  interested in hepatotoxicity related to pharmaceutical drugs, biological agents and dietary 


Dorothy Ballmann,  dorothy.ballmann@fda.hhs.gov or
Anne Wrobel,  awrobel@aasld.org

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