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Drug Info Rounds Video: Drug Safety Communications


FDA uses Drug Safety Communications to let health care providers, patients, and consumers know about newly observed potential risks of FDA-approved drugs and to offer advice as to how these drugs may best be used in light of this new information. 

An FDA website is dedicated to reporting these Drug Safety Communications. The landing page features a chronological listing of all Drug Safety Communications. Also, the FDA creates press releases and hosts conference calls to proactively deliver messages contained in these Communications. We also create supplemental materials, like articles for journals, videos and podcasts and translate them into Spanish.    

Additionally, FDA’s Division of Drug Information tweets every single Drug Safety Communication. You can follow us at www.twitter.com/FDA_Drug_Info. We also podcast these Drug Safety Communications. You can listen at www.fda.gov/drugsafetypodcasts, subscribe to us on iTunes or listen to us on ReachMD radio.

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