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FDA Announces Shortage of Adderall

On October 12, 2022, FDA posted a shortage of the immediate release formulation of amphetamine mixed salts, commonly referred to by the brand name Adderall or Adderall IR, on our drug shortage website. FDA is in frequent communication with all manufacturers of amphetamine mixed salts, and one of those companies, Teva, is experiencing ongoing intermittent manufacturing delays. Other manufacturers continue to produce amphetamine mixed salts, but there is not sufficient supply to continue to meet U.S. market demand through those producers.

Amphetamine mixed salts, including Adderall, are FDA-approved for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Until supply is restored, there are alternative therapies including the extended-release version of amphetamine mixed salts available to health care professionals and their patients for amphetamine mixed salts’ approved indications. Patients should work with their health care professionals to determine their best treatment option.

What is FDA doing to address the shortage of Adderall?

  • FDA has posted information on the shortage, including a list of current manufacturers and product strengths that are still available.
  • We will continue to monitor supply and assist manufacturers with anything needed to resolve the shortage and will update our website with new supply information as it becomes available.

FDA’s Drug Shortage Webpage provides additional information about the shortage and is updated regularly. We continue to use all the tools we have available to help keep supply available for patients and will provide public updates regarding the Adderall shortage.

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