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The resources listed below are related to recalls of cosmetics and other products regulated by FDA, as well as other safety alerts related to cosmetics. To learn about FDA's role in recalls of cosmetics, see FDA Recall Policy for Cosmetics.

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Posted Date Company Name Recall Information
2/12/2020 Montgomery County Chapter Nysarc, Inc.  Montgomery County Chapter Nysarc, Inc. recalls Liberty Hair & Body Shampoo, 27 oz. nozzle pouch for potential contamination with E.coli and P. aeruginosa. Recall Number: F-0643-2020. Batch codes: 8-304-1; 8-305-1; 8-306-1; 8-309-1; 8-310-1; 8-311-1; 8-312-1; 8-313-1; 8-316-1; 8-317-1; 8-318-1; 8-319-1; 9-049-1; 9-050-1; 9-051-1; 9-056-1; 9-057-1; 9-058-1.
2/12/2020 Counter Beauty Brands LLC dba Beautycounter

Counter Beauty Brands LLC dba Beautycounter recalls Beauty Counter Brilliant Brow Tinted Brow Gel; Soft Black 3 ml/0.1 fl. oz. because testing found a species of mold Penicillium in the product. SKU 100000149 BRILLIANT BROW SOFT BLACK Product sold individually and as part of the following product set: SKU 700000072 Brow Gel. UPC: 842149101565. Recall Number: F-0594-2020. Code Information: SKU 100000149 Lot 999224670 & Lot 999210861.

For additional details on the recalls listed, please visit Enforcement Reports, enter the company name under "Recalling Firm" and "Search."

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