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Outreach and Communication

Outreach and Communications has two purposes:

  • To improve FDA communication with underserved people; and 
  • To partner with external stakeholders to identify and reduce health disparities

Underserved people often experience low health literacy and speak English as a second language or not at all.

The Office of Minority Health develops innovative methods to reach these communities, and leads FDA in implementing FDASIA Section 1138 (2012) to address low literacy problems by:

  • Reviewing FDA communication plans to help ensure public resources are clear, culturally appropriate, and available in foreign languages as needed.
  • Developing the Language Access Plan (2014)—an initiative to identify the needs of people with limited English proficiency and to provide meaningful access to language-assistance services. View the Consumer Update

The Office of Minority Health encourages stakeholders, such as professional organizations and advocacy groups, to collaborate with FDA.

Health disparities are too numerous for FDA alone to identify and impact. Your suggestions help ensure medical products and devices are safe and effective for everyone. Your partnership means more underserved people will receive reliable safety information.

The Office of Minority Health also promotes diversity in the public health workforce and supports community outreach. The Office:

  • Participates in FDA ORISE Fellowship and Pharmacy Intern Program
  • Works with FDA centers to assist Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)
  • Participates in local community health fairs
  • Promotes interest in STEM education among local minority-serving middle and high schools

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