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Resolved Animal Drug Shortages


Date Shortage Resolved Drug Product Sponsor/Manufacturer Additional Information
1/12/2023 Diroban (melarsomine) Anzac Animal Health Adequate supply
11/23/2022 Gleptosil Iron Dextran Complex Injection (200 mg/ml)  Ceva Sante Animale No longer imported
9/23/2022 Uniferon 200 (Iron Dextran Complex Injection, 200 mg/ml)  Pharmacosmos, Inc. Adequate supply
8/22/2022 Fatal Plus (pentobarbital) Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Adequate supply
6/10/2022 VETMEDIN (pimobendan) Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Adequate supply of FDA-approved VETMEDIN
4/26/2022 Pentobarbital Sodium and Phenytoin Sodium Akorn Animal Health, Inc. Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Euthasol (pentobarbital sodium and phenytoin sodium) Virbac AH, Inc. Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Oxytetracycline Injection 200 mg/ml Norbrook Laboratories Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Oxytetracycline 100 mg/ml Norbrook Laboratories Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Flunixin Meglumine Injection Norbrook Laboratories Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Flunixin Injection-S Norbrook Laboratories Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Ivermectin + Clorsulon Norbrook Laboratories Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Meloxicam (injectable) Norbrook Laboratories Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Pentobarbital Sodium + Phenytoin Sodium Various companies Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Clindamycin oral liquid First Priority, Inc. Adequate supply
4/26/2022 Poloxalene Liquid Type A Medicated Article Phibro Animal Health Corp. Adequate supply
5/25/2021 Tricaine methanesulfonate Western Chemical, Inc., dba Syndel USA Adequate supply
3/26/2020 Diclazuril Merck Animal Health Adequate supply
9/25/2018 Desoxycorticosterone pivalate injectable suspension Elanco Animal Health Adequate supply
4/19/2017 DIROBAN (melarsomine dihydrochloride) Anzac Animal Health, LLC Adequate supply
4/19/2017 35% Perox-Aid Western Chemical, Inc Adequate supply
2/23/2016 Adequan I.A.; Adequan I.M.; Adequan Canine Luitpold Pharmaceuticals Inc. Adequate supply
Xylazine 100 mg/mL Lloyds Pharmaceuticals Adequate supply
8/6/2013 Equidone Gel Dechra Ltd Adequate supply
4/23/2013 Vetsulin (procaine insulin zinc) Intervet/Schering Adequate supply
7/9/2012 Levamisole HCl Agri Labs Agri Labs has supplies available.
3/29/2011 Injectable Iron Pharmacosmos Adequate supply
3/22/2011 Optimmune (cyclosporin) ophthalmic ointment Intervet Adequate supply
2/4/2011 Propofol Injectable Abbott Adequate supply

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