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Current Animal Drug Shortages


Sponsors and manufacturers provide most drug shortage information and FDA works closely with them to help prevent or reduce the impact of shortages.

FDA may disclose information that sponsors/manufacturers voluntarily submit to the Agency as permitted by applicable disclosure law, which includes restrictions on the release of confidential commercial information and trade secrets.  If FDA determines that a product is in shortage, the Agency generally intends to work with sponsors and manufacturers to confirm the accuracy and appropriateness of information regarding the shortage before posting publicly on FDA’s website.

Date Shortage Began Drug Product Sponsor/Manufacturer Additional Information
December 2022 Folltropin (porcine pituitary-derived follicle stimulating hormone) Vetoquinol USA, Inc. Manufacturing delays. Firm anticipates backorders through the end of 2023 but supply is expected to meet demand.
July 2022 Lidocaine 2% Injection Sparhawk Laboratories, Inc. API shortage, transportation issues
March 2021 R-PEN Soluble Powder (penicillin G potassium) Huvepharma Inc. Unavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredient
February 2021 PenAqua Sol-G (penicillin G potassium, water soluble)  Bimeda, Inc. Unavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredient
February 2021 Pro-Pen-G (penicillin G procaine, injectable) Bimeda, Inc. Unavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredient
March 2020 Marquis Antiprotozoal Oral Paste (15% w/w ponazuril) Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Available on allocation through mid-2023
November 13, 2019 Epinephrine 1 mg/mL Sparhawk Laboratories, Inc. Increased demands. Approved human product is also available in 30 ml vials.
August 8, 2016 Halamid Aqua (chloramine-T) Axcentive SARL Manufacturing delay
April 13, 2015 IV fluids for animal use, 3L & 5L sizes Various companies Demand Increase, reduction in the manufacturing of 3L & 5L sizes

Resolved Animal Drug Shortages


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