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Meet Your CVM Veterinarians

The veterinary profession has been around in some form for hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of years. However, it wasn’t until France established the world’s first veterinary school more than 250 years ago in 1761 that the importance of veterinarians in protecting human and animal health was truly recognized.

Over time, FDA also realized the important role veterinarians play in fulfilling the agency’s mission to protect public health. FDA hired its first veterinarian, Dr. Henry Moskey, in 1927 to evaluate the nutritional and treatment uses of vitamins and minerals. Today, the agency employs veterinarians in a variety of jobs, including as drug reviewers, food safety scientists, writers, researchers, and center directors. Veterinarians have certainly come a long way in FDA since 1927!

The veterinarians at FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine perform invaluable work to better the lives of people and animals. Although their work is basically done “behind the scenes,” the center’s veterinarians touch the lives of people and animals every day by making sure:

  • The drugs we give our animals are safe and effective;
  • The food we feed our animals is safe; and
  • The food we eat ourselves is safe.

Meet some of your CVM veterinarians who are committed to making our world a better and safer place.


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