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Dr. Susan Bright-Ponte

Veterinary Medical Officer
Office of Surveillance and Compliance

Dr. Susan Bright-Ponte
Susan Bright-Ponte

1. Why did you become a veterinarian?

Throughout school, I always had a strong interest in science and medicine, as well as a love of animals and a desire to help animals and people.

2. What made you want to work for CVM?

I had been practicing for about 12 years, and decided I wanted to check out other avenues that might allow me to have a more regular schedule. The idea of becoming more involved with a public health career appealed to me.

3. What is the best thing about being a veterinarian for CVM?

I like the variety of issues we deal with, and the challenges of coming up with solutions that have an impact on animal and public health.

4. What does the veterinary profession mean to you?

The veterinary profession is a community of caring individuals who strive to improve the lives of animals and people.

5. What is your most memorable moment as a veterinarian?

There are a lot of memorable moments, especially involving special clients and special pets. It’s hard to pick one out of all the interactions I’ve had with people and their pets throughout my career. I particularly enjoyed working with many clients over several years and seeing their pet grow from kitten or puppyhood to aging adult. Being able to help clients through the aging years of their pets is very rewarding. More recently, I was able to complete a Master’s in Public Health program, as well as earn board certification in veterinary preventive medicine. These memorable and challenging experiences have been invaluable to my desire to keep learning!

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